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Several hundred people helped fund the Faith in America project and specifically requested an LDS Temple book in return for their support.

Now the team helping to create both books has decided to go the extra mile and turn this fine art photography book into much, much more.


You can still reserve a copy of the book here -


Several months ago hundreds of people supported a crowd funding project on Kickstarter - “Faith in America: Religious Buildings of the United States”

The project was created to promote faith in America by focusing on a particular symbol of faith important to all religions – their buildings. This vision includes a year long road trip to all 50 states photographing thousands of religious buildings and the creation of two books.

While there are still several months of photography left to finish capturing the thousands of buildings that will be in the Faith in America book, the photographs for the LDS Temple book are almost complete and we are currently working on the layout and content.

Salt Lake temple and the salt lake valley right after sunset



We are excited to announce to the public that in addition to the beautiful pictures, the book will include a corresponding story/creative writing piece for every temple in the book.

The book will include:

  • Personal Stories
  • Creative Writings (i.e. poems, song lyrics, etc.)
  • Historical Perspective
  • Essays


  • We encourage everyone that has something to share to fill out the form listed below.
  • We will pick one writing for every one of the 70 temples.
  • We will also use our Facebook and this Blog to share many of the other stories together with pictures of the temples they relate to.

Things to consider for the submission:

  • Write your submission in another program and then copy and paste it into the form.
  • You can submit multiple submissions for the same temple, or submit for multiple temples.
  • Share this with your friends!

 If you have problems viewing the form below, click HERE to fill out the form online.

**There are several pages to this form.  Make sure and click “Continue” after filling out each page and then “Submit” on the final page.**

Please email with any questions.


Ft Lauderdale Temple Pond

(The NEW Ft. Lauderdale Temple)


PRINT – Every person that submits a story will receive a coupon code for a free Temple print from JarvieDigital.

CALENDAR – Every person who is published either in the book or online will receive a 2015 LDS Temples calendar for the cost of shipping.

PUBLISHED – Every writing in the book will be accompanied by the name, current city and age of the author.

BOOK – Every person who is published will also be entered into a drawing to win a free book.

DISCOUNT – We will also offer discounts for either of the books to those that submit stories.  They make great Christmas presents!




We are looking for unique perspectives and we encourage you to help spread the message.

Who do you know that is a:

  • Long time temple worker
  • Former or current temple president
  • Temple architect
  • General Authority
  • Couple recently married in the temple
  • A parent of a family sealed in the temple
  • Child of a temple sealed family
  • A member that remembers their first experiences in the temple (such as as a youth, an outgoing missionary, etc.)
  • Local member present for the construction or dedication of a temple
  • A youth that participated in the cultural event before a temple dedication
  • A creative writer
  • YOU

If you know anyone that fits in these categories, share, message or even call them and invite them they should write a 500 word perspective about a temple that is special to them.


There will be a lot of uplifting stories submitted and we will only be able to publish 70 in the book, But your stories are bound to touch the lives of others so we’d love if you share your stories online in blogs and on social media.

Use the hashtag #ldstemplestories whenever you post or link your story on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ and link this project to help share the word about this effort and the inspiring book that will be out by the end of Fall 2014 (Yes, this year!)


We would like everyone to know that we have a similarly exciting plan for the Faith in America book which we are working on and will give more details in the near future.


  • We do have plans on including pictures of several of the Canadian temples that have already been photographed and may add stories as well, though the theme is US temples, but I have photographed the western canadian ones so adding them is very doable
  • All free prints will be in form of a coupon for print credit on JarvieDigital for any of the Temple pictures. Does not cover shipping costs.
  • The free calenders and books do not cover shipping costs.  They will also be available for pickup in several locations in Utah.
  • Have another question?  Email us at

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